Devin C. Hughes, the Chief Inspiration Officer is a highly sought after award winning speaker, author, happiness muse & diversity sage who speaks to a variety of groups, organizations, and teams who have a desire to break down cultural barriers, improve personal/organizational performance and enhance communication through greater self awareness and understanding of one another. He draws on a variety of ideas, research and the tenets of Positive Psychology to inspire and facilitate personal and organizational change.

Devin has been consulting, training, speaking and writing about personal development and organizational change for the last decade. A regular keynote presenter at global industry conferences, Devin consults with organizations of all sizes and assists with organizational change, diversity, leadership and employee engagement efforts. Devin’s unique background and success story truly sets him apart from most professional speakers and guest lecturers.

It’s for this very reason that people come away from his keynotes and workshops entertained, inspired and motivated – but more importantly, with the practical, applicable, actionable tactics and strategies for acting on their inspiration and motivation. By the end of his talks, seminars and workshops, participants are equipped to deal with the day-to-day challenges they face. Devin knows and understands what it takes to lead successful teams in times of change and uncertainty. He has an incredible energy and passion and an ability to translate his hands on experience to the business world.

He is the author of Contrast: A Biracial Man’s Journey to Desegregate His Past (2012). He is also the author of the comic-Self Talk (2012) and is also a Super Hero in the another comic titled "Crusaders" (2014). Devin lives in San Diego, CA with his wife and four daughters.


  • Devin will be speaking at Chadron State College in Chadron, NE
  • Devin will be a panelist to discuss Bullying in US Schools at San Diego Museum of Man
  • Devin will be speaking at Riverside Community College to celebrate Black History month
  • Devin will be speaking at Network Appliance
  • Devin will be the Keynote Speaker at the Bakersfield Board of Realtor Meeting Jan. 30th, 2013
  • Devin will be speaking at FEDEX on Jan. 23rd, 2013
  • Devin was the Keynote Speaker at UC Berkeley Mixed Student Union Event ""Mapping out Mixed Identity" Nov. 17th
  • Devin facilitated "Deliver a TED-worthy presentation on Nov. 15th (San Diego, CA)
  • Devin was Keynote Speaker at IRS Territory 2 Planning Meeting on September 20th
blockquoteSomehow I know myself a little better for having read the memoirs of another man. Devin's story is moving, inspirational, and flat-out real. Knowing what it means to be black, white, or anything else is more confusing than it's been at any time in America's history. Through the lens of Devin's life, we can all take steps toward harmony with ourselves and our neighbors.blockquote — Donnie Bryant, Author and copywriter