New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Work (Unless you’re this first)

You can do it!
Last year you vowed to lose 27 pounds. You lost 4. Then gained 12.

The year before you said you’d quit drinking so much. And you did. For a month. Until your productivity bottomed out (@ work) in February and nothing you did worked to get it back up…until April. I need a beer!

The problem isn’t you. It isn’t that you have no willpower or that you don’t know how to make change.

It’s that you followed the old tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions just for the sake of setting them. Sure, you meant to follow through, but that isn’t the way change works.

Change works (sticks) when happiness comes first.

Getting slimmer isn’t going to make you happier. Meeting the girl of your dreams won’t do it. Getting a better job won’t do it.


You believe that those things will bring you happiness. And when you get them, you find nothing’s really changed. You still feel the same.

You still feel inadequate. Slighted by the Universe. Sloppy in your now-too-big Old Navy khakis. This becomes obvious when you look at kids and their behavior.

They long for an Xbox game. They beg for new dolls. They bargain for a killer new Legends of Chima Lego set.

But when they get it?

They soon forget about it.


The happiness they felt was short-lived. It didn’t fulfill the underlying need for said toy. Therefore the happiness? Disappeared faster than the newness of the gift. While the child did, in fact, want the new toy, the toy didn’t really change anything in him.

He still needed that one-on-one time with his parents and was ready to put the toy down and blurt out how bored he was, even with the new game.

We’re No Different.

It’s the same for us as adults. We want to be skinnier. We want better jobs. But what those wants really say is that we want to be happier.

Thus we spout out resolutions that we think will bring that happiness. Only to find, that like Billy and his new toy, it doesn’t.

When Happiness Comes from Within

When happiness comes from within, the changes we want to make, or need to make, become easier to make. It doesn’t feel like an uphill battle.

The last time you cut out carbs to drop a few pounds, all you did was sit and salivate over your spouse’s plate…causing you to let go of your need to lose weight. After all, the taste of toast and butter with your morning coffee is a little slice of heaven, why would you give that up?

The last time you sought a new job, you bombed the interview because the manager didn’t see you as a power player. He saw you as a needy player. And that? He didn’t need.

Had you walked in happy and ready to take on every challenge and succeed, he would have countered your salary request with something you actually wanted, rather than dismissing you with the promise of a call back when they made a decision.

It Isn’t Always Easy.

Being happy isn’t always easy, though. We’re geared to think negatively about the world around us. About ourselves. About the situations that are beyond our control.

And when we let those negative thoughts eat away at us, they eat away our emotional state. They eat away at our self-discipline. Our courage to be more.

We give up and would rather not fight a good fight. Our worlds are tough enough.

But when they’re not. When we’re good with who we are. With where we are. With what we have. The fight is no longer a fight. It’s a journey we want to be on. Because better is always a better place to be.

Become happier in 2015. Become who you want to be. Work on happiness first and the “new you” will be right beside you.

Become Unstoppable

Habits make up most of our lives. It’s not because you had the same steak dinner three Saturdays in a row. Or because you drive the same route to and from the gym everyday. It’s not because you’re boring.

It’s because habits are a means of survival. They protect our brains from implosion because we can handle only so many decisions a day before we snap. And snapping? Isn’t pretty.

So we create habits.

Think about it. What did you do this morning when you got out of bed? Chances are it’s the same thing that you did every morning before that. What route did you drive to work? Probably the same route you always drive.

It’s you. Surviving.

So why aren’t you creating habits that make you better? Happier?

As an individual, you’re either evolving and changing or you’re falling behind. You don’t want to fall behind. You can’t afford to fall behind. You don’t want your competition inching ahead while you’re left scrounging for their scraps. Leftovers are over-rated.

You’re a contender. You’re a fighter. So why are you sitting back on your hunches?

Get up. Get moving forward by creating habits of success that will shift your game from “oh well, this is my destiny” to “Raawwwrrrr! Let’s OWN this!”

Develop Success Habits


Get up in the morning and go straight to your mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, “I WILL close today.” But don’t just say it. FEEL it. You have to believe it. Make it a habit to make yourself believe in your own abilities. Do it EVERYDAY FOR 21 DAYS.

Give them their due

When you feel doubt and sadness creeping in, give them their moments. Moments. Then, move on – quickly. It’s okay to feel like crap once in a while. It’s not okay to stay that way. Make it a habit to move on quickly – by acknowledging and shifting.

Make the shift

When the world has pooped on you, and you’ve given the bad feelings their rights, move on to the next emotion by creating it. Create some Happiness by getting off your rear end and getting some exercise. Do NOT roll your eyes at me. Force yourself to smile. Stop and think of the good things in your life. Whatever it takes to make you use those smile muscles.

Because when happiness becomes a habit… You will be unstoppable.

What You Missed in that Last TED Talk You Watched

I know what you did this week.

You spent hours combing through your Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook feeds while also listening to a few TED talks, searching for that one nugget that’s going to change everything for you. But guess what. It won’t. And you wasted your time. Sorry!

Think about what you found. Did you find anything new? Did you hear, see or read that one thing that is going to hand you the key to success? You did not. I guarantee it.

You have to stop swimming through your feeds, looking for everybody else’s good fortune to see what you can capitalize on. Because what you’re doing? Is nothing.

You’re reading and learning and blowing up your brain with info, but not putting one bit of it into action.


Stop reading to “learn” because what you need to know? Is already there. It’s already in you. You just don’t trust yourself.

You feel like you’re not enough. That what you know isn’t enough. That your competition or colleagues are better than you and you think sitting and reading about their success is going to make you as good as they are.

It’s not.

When you start to trust your instincts, your brains, your guts? Your world changes. And you can then change the world.

Stop letting fear silence you.


Fear stops you from putting anything that you’ve read about into action and making it happen. Fear stops you from transforming into the success that you know you SHOULD be. Fear stops you from listening to the voice deep inside you that KNOWS what you should be doing, instead of reading about.

You have to get over that fear.

You have to let yourself be who you know you are. You have to get over worrying about what everyone else thinks, what they are doing, or what they’ve had success with.

What they did or what they do doesn’t matter in the least. Not to you. What matters is what you do because if you are reading but not executing? You will never, ever become who you want to be or what you want your business to be.

Stop being scared. You are a powerhouse. You are a winner. You are the only key to your success.

Stop Fear

If you’re worried about failure? Get out and fail. Because nothing is going to rocket you forward faster than failure. Learn to love it. Learn to look for it. Learn to make failure happen. Because the more you fail? The faster you succeed.

Fail. Fail often. Fail fast.

Become a Speed-Learner

There are things you won’t know how to do. Study one successful person’s approach, figure out why it worked and TWEAK IT. Don’t use it as is. Because if you tweak it and make it yours, you’ve created something brand new. And if THAT is a success, your confidence level will shoot far past the moon and the stars.

Stop listening to everyone else. Look deep inside for the passion and knowledge you already have because you are a rockstar. You know what you can achieve. Now let yourself do it.

It all comes down to one thing: Trust. When you trust that you are good enough the way you are? It will all fall into place like a gorgeous puzzle.

Here is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for: Go out and make your dreams come true.

5 Steps to Developing a Success Mindset

devin c hughes
Your success is not in your hands. It never was or will be.

It’s in your mind.

I saw you snicker and that’s not some psycho mumbo jumbo. When you make up your mind to be a success, your mind leads your actions. Those actions lead you to success because you become what you think about most.

You know it’s true. Remember the gorgeous blonde you saw in the bar and you fell all over yourself trying to pick her up? It didn’t work. Because you had in your mind that she was out of your league, but you tried anyway. She thought it was hilarious that you couldn’t talk like a grown man, but she wasn’t going out of there with someone who wasn’t ready for her level of class.

It’s a tough life. You didn’t get the girl. But you did get the sale two days later.

You didn’t go into it wondering if you were going to close it. You knew you were going to. You smart rascal, you.

Your mind led your words and your actions when dealing with your customer and you anticipated what they needed and wanted before they did.

So the question is…why do you continue to doubt yourself? Why do you continue to think you can’t, when if all you need to think is you will?


The most powerful two words in the English language: I WILL. Once you KNOW you will, there’s nothing that can stand in your way.

But you have to believe them. Not just say them. Saying them’s the easy part. Believing them is, well, akin to taking out your own wisdom teeth sometimes.

We let our competition make us doubt ourselves. We let insecurity in: Is what we’re doing enough? We let our lack of self-confidence sabotage our actions.

When you get past that “what if” mindset and develop your iron “I WILL” mindset, you’ll become unstoppable. And not only will you achieve the things you weren’t sure you could achieve before, you’ll bolster confidence in yourself so the “what if” mindset disappears.

How to Develop Your I Will Mindset

1. Log your successes and refer to them daily. You’ve made a sale or two, right? (If not, you’ve succeeded at something, even if was asking out that girl that made the butterflies feel like jackknives in your belly or it may have been simply getting out of bed when you didn’t want to.) Write down every success you can think of that you’ve had and read it nightly.

2. Go to bed with the knowledge that you are a success. Never go to sleep on self-doubt. Ever. Make that’s one of those rules you can never break, like not missing a Game of Thrones episode. Because when you go to sleep on self-doubt, you can guarantee that the next morning you’ll still feel like the gum you stepped on in the parking lot today.

3. Approach each and every challenge with the endgame in mind. Think about the task in front of you. What do you want to happen? See it. FEEL it. How does that success feel to you? You’re smiling right now, aren’t you? You should be. It feels like your hard work has paid off. It feels like relief. It feels like you’re wearing your favorite, most expensive suit and the rest of humanity is standing in awe of your greatness. Okay, let’s not get TOO carried away. But it does feel amazing.

4. Use that feeling to develop your confidence. When you envision success, you create chemicals in your brain that make you think you actually achieved your goal. Thus, boosting your confidence giving you a springboard for actually making it happen.

5. Write down an affirmative statement about yourself that envelops the level of confidence and achievement you want. For example: I am worthy of the blonde at the table in the corner of the room. Focus. We’re talking salesmanship. Try that again: I am a successful salesman with the ability to control and close every sale I walk into. Write that statement and read it out loud everyday. Eventually, your brain will begin to believe it. Then? Well. You know know the rest.

What you want most in your life is to win at sales, and as soon as you develop your I WILL Mindset, no one can stand in your way.

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Lessons Lead to the Gold

Your plan
You want the gold. That’s why you became an entrepreneur. And that’s why you’re sitting around waiting for your next big break. Because when it rears its magnificent head, you’re jumping on it with both feet!

That’s also why you’ll never jump. And you’ll never get the gold.

You see, people who sit around waiting for their next break, are rarely the ones who get it. Karma, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, isn’t packaging your fortune in a nice, tidy little gift box complete with a satin bow to hand over to you at the right time.
Nor is the fortune teller with the wart on her left nostril going to accurately predict when or IF you’ll finally succeed.

It just doesn’t happen.

What does happen is that entrepreneurs who take risks are the ones who reap the rewards. And they reap them BIG. They go out and make things happen, rather than just waiting for them to happen.

Risks and Rewards

Not sure if your product is so stellar everyone will drool all over? So? TRY it. What happens if you do, isn’t guaranteed. What happens if you don’t, is.

Steve Fossett flew Virgin Atlantic’s Global Flyer nonstop around the world. Had Steve avoided that risk, Boeing and Airbus would not have adopted the carbon fiber construction that made the Global Flyer flight a success and the worlds’ largest fleets wouldn’t be doing their share to create a more eco-friendly and lighter jet.

Jeff Bezos took a risk by opening his first business out of his garage. Three years after he opened, he was heading up a $22.1 Billion marketplace. Had he not taken on that challenge, you wouldn’t be able to buy and sell your favorite wares on the site we know as Amazon.

Tim Westergren took a risk and followed his passion to create one of the Net’s leading streaming music sites. Had Westergren listened to everyone else, he wouldn’t founded the $2.5 Billion Pandora and millions of pop culture teens wouldn’t have a way to share all their Justin Beiber and One Direction passion. Okay, so maybe we have a bittersweet relationship with Pandora. Nevertheless, it’s a convenient service that paved the way for all the current music streaming services.

These entrepreneurs took risks. They took on their challenges. And won. They reaped the rewards, BIG. But not every entrepreneur experiences these big rewards. Some just walk away with lessons of gold to use to create their success.

There Are Only Lessons

Each goal that isn’t achieved is not a failure, but a lesson. Looking at risk as a reward/failure-only system creates fear around what you want to achieve, causing paralysis (from fear or perfectionism) instead of action.

Your goal? Always get results, regardless if they’re positive or negative.

Of course, we all want positive ones, but each negative gets you closer to that BIG reward you’re working for, too. And sometimes lots of negative results (rather than strings of positive results) lead to a greater success in the end.

Create Your Success

1. Decide on your end goal. Where are you heading? What do you want to be your final outcome?
2. Figure out the best route to get there. When you’re heading to new places, a map always makes sure you get to the right destination. (Unless you’re using Siri, sometimes she’ll throw you off course.)
3. Start taking those steps on the map. This is where it’s easy to get off track. Be sure you’re working your plan since this is how you’ll measure your results.
4. Predict and evaluate often. Set your reward/lesson criteria for each step in your plan and evaluate them after you take each one. Did you get the result you wanted? NO? Time to decide if you should go on to the next step or claim a re-do (because you absolutely can do that) and work that same step again – in a different way.
5. Assess WHY it didn’t work, if it didn’t, and use that knowledge to establish each next steps’ validity and viability.

Your map is a living breathing…thing…and should grow and evolve with each lesson you learn from each step in it. Doing that, it won’t matter if Product A didn’t succeed. It will matter that Product B is even better because of that lesson from Product A.

It’s your job as an entrepreneur, NOT to sit on your hands waiting for anything. It’s your job to get out there, learn as much as you can (as quickly as you can), not living in fear of something that doesn’t exist (failure).

Now, go. Create your roadmap. Live and learn from lessons you achieve. And earn the gold you’re worth.

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