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How To Teach Kids Positive Self-Talk: A Child’s Emotional Bulletproof Vest

Kids are constantly being bombarded with negative messages from the media, their peers and sometimes even coaches that hurt their confidence and destroy their self esteem.

As parents we all wonder what we can and should do about it?

Take a peek:

Influence not Authority

Influential people make a memorable first impression and they always wear well over time. Why? Their concern for others is real, and it goes deeper than “what can you do for me.”. Ken Blanchard said it best, “Great leadership is about influence not authority”. People will come to value you as much and sometimes more than any product, service or company.

Tip: In order to become a person of influence, it is incumbent upon you tell the truth, follow up and be genuinely as concerned as they are about their goals and objectives.    Sharing is caring!

Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another-George Eliot

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